Signorelli is a full service apparel branding company specializing in womens, girls and juniors graphic tees, fashion tops and active wear. Signorelli designs, manufactures and distributes all of our products, and works with the world's top brands and the nation's top retailers. It is our primary goal to ensure that retailers are provided with a product of impeccable quality and brand partners are represented with unparalleled design and trend.

Since launching as a small t-shirt line in 2005, Signorelli has grown to be a premier force linking licensed brands with fashionable high-end t-shirts and fleece for women, girls and juniors. With a focus as much on giving back to the community as creating iconic and creative designs that speak to a wide audience, Signorelli carefully constructs every design to appeal to both the fashion and socially conscious, creating a line that truly stands alone.

In 2009, Signorelli launched the first of its sister brands, Reclycled Karma, expanding the hip sophistication and fashion it is known for in top department stores and boutiques into the mass market. In 2013, Signorelli partnered with Bravado International to launch the rock brand Transmission featuring Bravado's portfolio of music artists.


Signorelli umbrellas multiple brands across differentiated categories and channels of distribution.


Corporate Responsibility

Signorelli strives to conduct business with highest ethical business standards. To support this initiative, we only engage with carefully monitored and safe factories that respect workers’ rights. Signorelli's Workplace Code of Conduct (COC) has established a process to verify that factories manufacturing Signorelli branded product meet a required level of compliance with all labor specific laws.

Signorelli has developed a close partnership with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and has aligned Signorelli’s COC directly with the FLA’s monitoring and compliance benchmarks. Overseas partners agree to adhere to austere standards and are required to undergo monitoring to verify compliance with Signorelli’s COC. Social compliance audits are used to assess whether factories have systems and policies in place that will facilitate ongoing compliance. Previous and current audits performed at overseas factories are available and on file.


Meredith Garrett

Steven Prescott
Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development

Andrew Cottone
Vice President, Licensed Brands

Patricia Chavez
Production Manager


Signorelli's headquarters is located outside of downtown Los Angeles and houses the design, business development, sales, marketing, product imports and production activities.

Giving Back

Signorelli believes in hope, love and faith and that fashion can make the world a better place. Signorelli is committed to inspiring humanitarian purchases whether it’s by using organic fabrics, designing graphic tees that promote peace and awareness, or collaborating with non-profits. Our designs are carefully constructed-- breathing life, awareness and fashion into every tee. Among its unique handcrafted graphic fashion tees, Signorelli has successfully launched co-branding initiatives with Courteney Cox and Millennium Promise; Nicole Richie and the Children’s Health Fund; Sony Pictures and Eat, Pray, Love; Liv Grn; and Save The Earth. As the defining symbol of our belief that fashion can make the world a better place, Signorelli participates in numerous give back initiatives with some of the most reputable charitable organizations in the country.

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Sales / Distribution

Signorelli has comprehensive distribution in the nation's top boutiques, department stores and retailers, maximizing each of our brand's retail penetration at channels consistent with their individual brand identity and driving brand expansion into desired channels.