"America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band,” Aerosmith “set the style and sound of hard rock and heavy metal” from the 1970’s through the 90’s with their “raunchy, bluesy swagger. The Boston-based quintet found the middle ground between the menace of the Rolling Stones and the campy, sleazy flamboyance of the New York Dolls, developing a lean, dirty riff-oriented boogie that was loose and swinging and as hard as a diamond.”


A fashion icon continuously at the forefront of the current style trends and blazing her own fashion trail, Barbie has been a role model and a reflection of her times for over 75 years.

Beavis and Butt-head

“National treasures of idiocy,” Beavis and Butt-Head have been the most trend-setting culture critics of the last 20 years. Initially dismissed as brainless and lewd couch potatoes, Beavis and Butt-Head continue to prove to have been ahead of their time with their commentary on everything from television, music, pop culture and the world.

Beverly Hills 90210

The definitive show of the 1990’s, "90210" became a television icon with its steady stream of love triangles and romantic entanglements, soupy drama, and sideburns. For over a decade, an entire generation was captivated with the lives of Brandon, Dylan, Kelly, Brenda, Donna, Steve, David and Andrea at West Beverly Hills High School.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's influence on popular music is incalculable. As a songwriter, he pioneered several different schools of pop songwriting, from confessional singer/songwriter to winding, hallucinatory, stream-of-consciousness narratives. As a vocalist, he broke down the notion that a singer must have a conventionally good voice in order to perform, thereby redefining the vocalist's role in popular music. As a musician, he sparked several genres of pop music, including electrified folk-rock and country-rock. And that just touches on the tip of his achievements. Dylan's force was evident during his height of popularity in the '60s -- the Beatles' shift toward introspective songwriting in the mid-'60s never would have happened without him -- but his influence echoed throughout several subsequent generations, as many of his songs became popular standards and his best albums became undisputed classics of the rock & roll canon. Dylan's influence throughout folk music was equally powerful, and he marks a pivotal turning point in its 20th century evolution, signifying when the genre moved away from traditional songs and toward personal songwriting.


Synonymous with originality and musical rebellion, CBGB, the historic birthplace of punk, continues to be a dynamic force in influencing music, film, literature, fashion, politics and the aspirations of artists everywhere. Located in New York City’s Bowery, CBGB (whose full name -- CBGB & OMFUG -- stands for Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers) was as raw, rough and unadorned as the neighborhood that surrounded it. Founder Hilly Kristal respected non-conformity and sought out musicians who offered both a uniqueness of sound and non-conformist attitude. The resulting primitive, authentic environment heralded new genres of music -- including punk and art rock -- and opened the door for innovative, new wave artists like the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Misfits, Television, Patti Smith, The Dead Boys, The Dictators, The Cramps, and Joan Jett, among many others. An iconic cultural time capsule reveling in an unprecedented musical revolution and an extraordinary attitude of individuality, CBGB relentlessly remains a global presence in music and fashion.

Chuck E. Cheese's

Birthday parties...ball tickets! Chuck E. Cheese's has been a childhood icon for fun, food and family for almost 40 years. Your first pizza? Your first job? Your first animatronic concert? Chuck E. Cheese's remains the definition for "Where a Kid Can Be a Kid!"


Since its early beginnings in the late 19th century, Coke’s iconic red and white logo has become ubiquitous everywhere. One of the world’s most recognizable brands, Coca-Cola is not only enjoyed by all people, of all ages and backgrounds, but continues to reflect our lifestyles and fashion. With its vintage, retro and ultra-familiar logo, Coke is continuously reinterpreted to reflect how we experience the brand.

David Bowie

A musical chameleon, David Bowie had an unparalleled ability to foresee and adapt fashion and trends. After spending several years in the late '60s as a mod and as an all-around music hall entertainer, Bowie reinvented himself as a hippie singer/songwriter in the 70’s, recorded a proto-metal record and a pop/rock album, and eventually redefined glam rock with his ambiguously sexy Ziggy Stardust persona. Ziggy made Bowie an international star, yet he wasn't content to continue to churn out glitter rock. By the mid-'70s, he'd developed an effete, sophisticated version of Philly soul that he dubbed "plastic soul,” and in the '80s was at the height of his powers following his blockbuster dance-pop album Let's Dance in 1983. By the '90s it was clear that Bowie was one of the most influential musicians in rock. Few rockers have ever had such lasting impact.

Def Leppard

With 100 million records sold worldwide, Def Leppard continues to be one of the most important forces in rock music. Over the course of their career, the band has produced a series of classic groundbreaking albums that set the sound for generations of music fans and artists alike. The group’s spectacular live shows, filled with powerful melodic rock anthems, have become synonymous with their name. For the past thirty years the band’s concerts have become must-see events and have quickly made them an institution in the touring industry, as they continue to sell out arenas worldwide.

Disney Princess

The biggest seller of entertainment consumer products in the world, Disney Princess celebrates the magical adventures of the most iconic heroines for girls of all ages. Disney Princesses are relatable, empowered and inspiring.

Donkey Kong

Before video games even had rules, Donkey Kong broke them. It gave birth to the jump-and-run platform genre as we know it, and established Nintendo as perhaps the industry's longest standing superpower. Thirty years later, Donkey Kong remains one of gaming's most recognizable icons.

Elvis Presley

The icon with the swiveling hips and sexy smile, Elvis unleashed a cultural revolution that changed the world. More a rebel than a royal, he rose up against conformity and sneered at popular convention. He used music to punch a hole through both poverty and prejudice. With those looks, that voice, and a buckling restlessness that made every song he sang an anxious statement about changing America, he blazed the path we were all bound to follow. The Legendary. The incomparable. The one and only. The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll!


Foreigner is universally hailed as one of the most popular rock acts in the world, racking up scores of smash hits, multi-platinum albums, and sold out concert tours. From Cold As Ice to Hot Blooded, Urgent to Jukebox Hero, Waiting For A Girl Like You to the chart topper I Want To Know What Love is, Foreigner's thrilling mix of blustery blues and impeccably crafted pop continues to captivate generation after generation of music fans.

Full House

The beloved and iconic 90’s family sitcom, Full House raised a generation with everybody’s favorite uncle, Uncle Jesse, the Olsen twins and group hugs…You got it, dude!


“Who you gonna call?” The classic supernatural comedy that defined a generation continues to inspire fans and audiences alike with its classic characters, logo and catch phrases.

Gold's Gym

When Gold’s Gym first opened its doors in 1965, it began a tradition of commitment, passion and dedication that is still practiced today across all of the 725 Gold’s Gym fitness centers worldwide. Today Gold’s Gym is the most recognized name in fitness. There are hundreds of gym concepts out there, but only one has the global strength of Gold’s Gym.

I Love Lucy

The most influential series in TV history, I Love Lucy has remained in syndication for over six decades – a testament to its timeless appeal. With over 40% of its 1.8 million facebook fans between the ages of 13-34, I Love Lucy continues to generate new fans with every generation.

Janis Joplin

That voice – high, husky, earthy, explosive – remains among the most distinctive and galvanizing in pop history. But Janis Joplin didn’t merely possess a great instrument; she threw herself into every syllable, testifying from the very core of her being. She claimed the blues, soul, gospel, country and rock with unquestionable authority and verve, fearlessly inhabiting psychedelic guitar jams, back-porch roots and everything in between. Her volcanic performances left audiences stunned and speechless, while her sexual magnetism, world-wise demeanor and flamboyant style shattered every stereotype about female artists – and essentially invented the “rock mama” paradigm.

Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane defined the San Francisco sound in the 1960s, with the acid rock guitar playing of Jorma Kaukonen and the soaring twin vocals of Grace Slick and Marty Balin, scoring hit singles and looking out from the covers of national magazines. They epitomized the drug-taking hippie ethos as well as the left-wing, antiwar political movement of their time, and their history was one of controversy along with hit records. Their personal interactions mirrored those times; the group was a collective with shifting alliances, in which leaders emerged and retreated. But for all the turmoil, Jefferson Airplane was remarkably productive between 1965 and 1972. They toured regularly, being the only band to play at all the major '60s rock festivals -- Monterey, Woodstock, even Altamont -- and they released seven studio albums, five of which went gold, plus two live LPs and a million-selling hits collection that chronicled their eight chart singles.

Jimi Hendrix - Karl Ferris Collection

Karl Ferris is known as "the Innovator of Psychedelic Photography". As a photographer for Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Donovan, The Hollies – he created their "images" and was given insider access to the "Experience" that defined the Sixties. He is responsible for many of the iconic images that are still associated with Jimi Hendrix today.

Joan Jett

By playing pure and simple rock & roll without making an explicit issue of her gender, Joan Jett became a figurehead for several generations of female rockers. Jett's brand of rock & roll is loud and stripped-down, yet with overpowering hooks. She adheres both to rock tradition and breaks with it -- she plays classic three-chord rock & roll yet loves the trashy elements of it as well, playing with a defiant sneer. From her first band, the Runaways, through her hit-making days in the '80s with the Blackhearts and the classic hit "I Love Rock 'n Roll", and to her revival in the '90s, she hasn't changed her music.

Johnny Cash

No other artist has touched the world of music quite like Johnny Cash. He is the only person to be inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame AND The Songwriter's Hall Of Fame. His very name is synonymous with the fight for the rights of the poor and downtrodden and the image of "The Man In Black" is as deeply American as the stars and stripes themselves. Johnny Cash is America.


One of the few 1970s rock bands to successfully make the transition into the video age, Journey revolutionized the concert experience with visual spectacles and the use of big screens and computerized lighting systems. Their seemingly endless supply of hits filled arenas across America, endeared them to a generation of rabid fans who welcomed Journey with open arms and have yet to let go. Journey recorded radio commercials, became the first rock band to inspire a videogame and helped to coin a new term, “arena rock” with rock staples still played on rock radio stations across the world today, including "Don't Stop Believin'", “Who’s Crying Now” and “Open Arms.”


Rooted in campy theatrics and the “sleazy hard rock of glam rockers,” Kiss rose to fame with American teenagers in the 1970s. “Decked out in outrageously flamboyant costumes and makeup,” the band “fashioned a captivating stage show that captured the imaginations of thousands of kids” that has continued for over 40 years and propelled Kiss to become one of the most powerful brands today.


One of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment brands, Marvel is built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, and more!


Twenty years before the mass emergence of video game heroines, sandbox gameplay and twist endings, Metroid revolutionized gaming and storytelling with its atmospheric space adventures that put more focus on exploration than alien blasting and flipped gaming conventions with the reveal that the heavily-armored character they'd been controlling was actually a woman – only after you beat the game.


Launched in 1981 to broadcast music videos, MTV is a cultural icon that has evolved to become one of the premiere entertainment destinations for adolescents and young adults. With a global reach of more than a half-billion households, MTV remains the cultural home of the millennial generation.


“The coolest game on earth,” The National Hockey League is the second-oldest of the four major professional team sports leagues in North America. Today, the NHL consists of 30 Member Clubs, each reflecting the League’s international makeup, with players from more than 20 countries represented on team rosters.

Otis Redding

One of the most influential soul singers of all time, Otis Redding exemplified to many listeners the power of Southern "deep soul" -- hoarse, gritty vocals, brassy arrangements, and an emotional way with both party tunes and aching ballads. He was also the most consistent exponent of the Stax sound, cutting his records at the Memphis label/studios that did much to update R&B into modern soul. Although his success was primarily confined to the soul market, Otis was nonetheless tremendously respected by many white groups, particularly the Rolling Stones, who covered Redding's "That's How Strong My Love Is" and "Pain in My Heart." Redding would return the favor with a rousing cover of "Satisfaction." Posthumously, he would break through to a wide pop audience with his number one single "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay", which would demonstrate his artistic breakthrough in terms of the expression and sophistication of his songwriting and singing.


The original video game icon, the popularity of PAC-MAN and his eternal ghost nemesis’ BLINKY, INKY, CLYDE and PINKY has transcended video game technology for over 30 years. One of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time, PAC-MAN continues his domination in mobile games with 25 million downloads.


More than just a candy...PEZ is a staple and reflection of American pop culture. PEZ's vintage artwork evokes nostalgia for all generations, and PEZ Dispensers are beloved by children and collected by adults with a continuous mix of classic and contemporary characters.

Pink Floyd

Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows, Pink Floyd has earned a place on the ultimate roll call of rock, along with the Beatles, the Stones and Led Zeppelin. At a time when almost every British rock band was releasing concept albums, Pink Floyd stood out from the pack with the progressive and psychedelic brilliance of their music. With instant classics including “Animals,” “The Wall” and “Dark Side of the Moon,” Pink Floyd remains one of the most commercially successful and musically influential groups in the history of popular music.

Sonic The Hedgehog

One of the most recognizable video game icons in history, Sonic The Hedgehog revolutionized video game technology and marketing, setting trends still mimicked throughout the entertainment industry today. With his super-fast speed, cool edgy persona and readiness for all types of adventure, Sonic has notched over 75 million video game sales worldwide and more than 65 million digital downloads.

Super Mario

The most recognizable gaming hero of all time, Mario's place in the pantheon of gaming is unrivaled. He single-handedly saved the entire video industry in the 80’s with the original “Super Mario Bros.”, and with over 200 games since - many of which are genre-defining blueprints that set the standard for everything that has followed -- Mario has become one of the most famous characters in the world.

T. Rex

The most iconic band of the U.K. glam rock scene of the '70s, T. Rex were the creation of Marc Bolan, who started out as a cheerfully addled acolyte of psychedelia and folk-rock until he turned to swaggering rock & roll with boogie rhythm and a tricked-up fashion sense. For a couple years, T. Rex were the biggest band in England and a potent cult item in the United States. If their stardom didn't last, their influence did, and T. Rex's dirty but playful attitude and Bolan's sense of style and rock star moves would show their influence in metal, punk, new wave, and alternative rock; it's all but impossible to imagine the '80s new romantic scene existing without Bolan's influence.

Fox Presents The Films of Marilyn

FOX PRESENTS THE FILMS OF MARILYN celebrates the slate of 20th Century Fox motion pictures featuring the flawless beauty and captivating performances of Marilyn Monroe. Her work at the Fox Studio represents the actress at her peak, Hollywood’s quintessential icon of sex appeal and timeless allure. The Fox films showcase the breathy voice, voluptuous figure and wide-ranging talents which catapulted her to superstardom. Experience timeless Hollywood glamour through the world’s most enduring pop culture legend – Marilyn Monroe - in her most popular and successful 20th Century Fox films.

The Legend of Zelda

The times may change, but the legend remains: A dark wizard, a princess in peril, and an emerald-clad boy as the kingdom's only hope. Like all great fables of times long past, the story of Link has been retold in a new way for each coming generation, but is timeless nonetheless. It's a legacy few other franchises can equal, and as the series continues into its second quarter-century, The Legend of Zelda remains at the upper echelon of video game royalty.

Tom Petty

With lean and direct songwriting and a signature rootsy sound that incorporated psychedelic, Southern rock and new wave influences, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers created a distinctively American hybrid that recalled the past without being indebted to it. One of the few of the traditionalist rock & rollers who embraced music videos, filming some of the most inventive and popular videos in MTV history, his willingness to experiment with the boundaries of classic rock & roll helped Petty sustain his popularity from his first album in the ‘70’s to today.

Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver began with a spring 2002 jam session that reunited ex-Guns N' Roses bandmates Slash (guitar), Duff McKagan (bass), and Matt Sorum (drums) on-stage. With the discovery that their chemistry was still going strong, the trio began pushing around some new music and auditioning singers for what became known as "the Project." Ex-STP-er Scott Weiland came on board next. He and the band clicked immediately and recorded the hyper piece of glitter metal "Set Me Free." “The Project" was then renamed Velvet Revolver, and Weiland officially made its lead singer. VR subsequently released the single "Slither," a rabid, ambitious rocker guided by Slash's signature guitar sound. The single sidled steadily up the active rock charts, and when the album, Contraband, finally dropped, it was to general appreciation for its mix of STP and GNR signatures and its surprising turn toward hedonistic maturity. Velvet Revolver's sophomore effort, Libertad, followed in 2007.

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